Easy Sleazy

My profile on Tinder ( I know I keep talking about it but it’s my current source of entertainment) says:

“Hi my name is, whatever you call me. So let’s get undressed, because I want to see you naked.”

…it’s a line from Kim Cesarion’s song called “undressed”. A recent trip to Brisbane prompted the change, I wanted to see how easy it would be to get a root. Turns out, it’s very easy haha. This suits me a lot better than what I had up there before because it pretty much just let’s boys know that I only want to bang. I don’t want to talk about you or me for that matter. Let’s just have sex and never talk again, ok? (Unless it’s really good then we can maybe do it again.)

I got quite a few matches and didn’t speak to them at first just waited for them to message me and they were straight to the point. The first guy I was messaging was only 2km away ( another brilliant feature of Tinder haha). I was mostly messaging this guy to show my friend who doesn’t have tinder how easy it is to get what I want (and because I love attention so why wouldn’t I be messaging him haha). I wasn’t going to actually sleep with him, I already had plans to meet a mate for dinner. I was on holiday so had no car and they couldn’t exactly come over to my friends place where I was staying so I just couldn’t be bothered that Thursday. I didn’t tell him that though! The convo got to what did I want him to do to me and when was I coming over, I politely lied and said I couldn’t until maybe Sunday. BOOM! Mission accomplished in under 10 minutes of matching with him. I thought it was hilarious, it’s amazing what a few words can do.

The next day I went out drinking with my mates in the Gold Coast and by the afternoon we were pretty sloshed and maybe had a few lines of something so I got on tinder to see what was about. I matched with a good few hotties but then we left the pub and went to a house party then back out to the bars at around 10pm. I had organised to go see this guy who was just down the road. A hottie who played the drums and had just told me he wanted to bang me in every room in his house. As we arrived at the bar I messaged him to come and pick me up, then it all fell apart. My mate couldn’t get into the bar because she was too fucked up and I couldn’t just leave her there or put her in a taxi cause she could barely speak ( very standard). So off we went home to bed. I messaged the guy telling him the story and he said I should come over after but we were too far away by then so that wasn’t happening but I kept the option open anyways.

So still no root and a now it’s Saturday and I’m off to a wedding which I have been informed there are no hotties at! But I wasn’t too worried to be honest I was enjoying the time with my mates way too much!

The next match was a super hot Brazilian guy. After some sexy dirty talk I was supposed to be meeting him the next day. I had to drive back to the Gold Coast from where I was in Coffs Harbour (about 300km) and I was going to stop in at his place on the way. WAS! being the key word! Some German tourists crashed into my friends car I was borrowing! So instead of going to see the smoking hot boy, who was sending me some very exciting photos, I had to go and get quotes to fix the car. Fuck my life. It’s like I was destined to not have sex this weekend!

Off to the airport back home to Perth I go before I got on the plane another offer for a bang, obviously too late! Then when I got off the plane the best message I’ve ever got on Tinder (see the photo) just plain and simple and to the point “sex?” Haha love it! If only I wasn’t 3000km away!

Even though I didn’t end up have sex,the weekend with my mates was amazing! The chase and tease with these strangers was entertaining and I like the attention and to be reminded that I am alright looking haha!

Adventure Pussy xx



The story of Tinder1

Oh god. Wow. That was…..SHIT!

I didn’t get a root, and on the way home from Dirty30’s house I got a fine for running a red light. Which, by the way, I obviously didn’t do on purpose but I was in another world trying to process what had just happened (More like what did not happened!)

If you’re new to the story read my last post before you continue..

I go over to Dirty30’s house ( who by the way does not deserve this title) actually fuck it his new name is just going to be “Tinder1”.
I go over to Tinder1’s house for what we both know is just going to be a tap and gap (fuck and leave). I was nervous but I just figured fuck it, worst case scenario I’ll just up and leave. I’m sure my mum would not like to know about this because really the worst case scenario could actually be quite bad, meeting a total stranger off the internet who I have already said I want to have sex with and knowing nothing about him..what could possibly go wrong, right? The thoughts were brought to my attention by a work mate but I honestly wasn’t worried about what could happen. That may be stupid of me but

Back to the story. I was nervous and when Tinder1 opened the door he looked nothing like his pictures and nothing like the image I had in my head. I was so devo, his sex talk on Tinder was all wasted, not impressed at all. I have never had sex with a guy who I had never seen or spoken to before. One night stands are different even if you go back for more at least you know what they look like and have something to go from.

After my initial let down (which I don’t think I hid very well) I was trying to decide whether to leave or not. I figured id just stick it out and at least get a root. Only thing to worry about would be dick size. But wait, there’s more. As soon as this guy touched me I knew it would be shit. How can you be bad at this at 31? The touching was too rough and the head was very, very average. Dick size was ok, but barely hard so I sucked him off for a bit and then told him to put a condom on. All down hill from there. Literally. He couldn’t keep it up for the few seconds it took to put the condom on. So more head and three tries later I decided I was bailing out. I just wanted a root because I love sex. I thought this would be so much easier haha. I finished him off because that would be a bit mean to just walk out ( and also to prove that I am awesome and he shouldn’t think otherwise hahaha). Then I walked out.

The lesson I learnt was that I will definitely go on at least a date with someone first if they are off Tinder next time. Maybe.

Adventure Pussy x


I’ve got one word for you. Tinder.

I heard of Tinder a while ago but I was seeing my ex fiancée at the time so I didn’t get into. When he dumped me I was straight into that little app and to be honest, I was disappointed. I swiped to the right for a few guys but then kinda just figured the boys would come to me, I wasn’t in the chasing mood, I needed attention and sex not friends .

While my mates were all raving about tinder I was secretly jealous because I was getting no attention from the guys on there. No notifications that someone had swiped right. They did say “you have to go through heaps of people” but like I said I wanted attention not to chase anyone. So I just smiled and agreed with what they were saying and lost interest in it.

It took another dumping (Will this time) for me to get back on to Tinder again. So this time I went full steam ahead. Spent a little while flicking through the profiles. Picking and choosing the hot boys from the not boys. It was a lot of fun! I didn’t even have to put makeup on! Every boy that I decided was a hottie I swiped right and was instantly a match. I was surprised by this because I thought there is no way that Tinder could notify someone that quickly and they could respond literally within 1-2 seconds. I asked my Tinder loving friends how this could be. This is the moment I fell in love. With Tinder. The reason (for all of you who don’t know Tinder) the match was happening so quickly was because the hotties I had picked had already picked me as a hottie from their end! So now I was stoked! In less than an hour the 32 people I had decided were fit, had all been matches. There wasn’t one that didn’t come straight up with a match. It was just what I needed to boost my self confidence.

So now my new addiction is Tinder. With some of the matches I decide only to talk to them if they message me ( I’ve pretty much decided “what was I thinking”.) Some I message first, mostly with something smart arsed to get the ball rolling and the others message me and it all goes from there.

Since Saturday (today is Tuesday) I have organised a bang with a dirty 31 year old for tomorrow, turned a guy down who asked to meet up, told a guy I would “hang out” with him (but now I’ve changed my mind) and stopped having convos with some boring guys and some guys who you can just tell love themselves way to much to interest me. There are some others that I’m still chatting to as well, but I’ll save them for next week.

“Dirty30” (who I am looking forward to fucking tomorrow) is tattooed up with stretched ears and a good sense of humour. Our conversation rapidly turned from having a McDonalds delivery business, to him coming on my tits, do I have any fetishes? and how do I feel about choking, hair pulling and deep throat. He was quite excited when I said there definitely has to be choking and hair pulling, and he can put it as deep down my throat as he wants. As long as he has a big dick I don’t mind what he wants (because size DOES matter) I don’t know what he does or where he’s from, just what’s he’s going to do to me and where he lives. That’s exactly how I want it.

I don’t know many girls that think like me about sex, because I’m sure the majority of you think I’m just some dirty slut. For me it’s just sex and I enjoy it. It doesn’t bother me that this guy is going to have no respect for me and will definitely never want me as a girlfriend. It really doesn’t. I just want sex from him and that’s it. I don’t think it’s dirty, I don’t think it’s slutty, it’s just something I enjoy. It’s interesting to see what’s out there and learn new things from people. Its also a bit of a challenge for me because I have to be confident about my body and what I want.

Tinder is my new addiction and Sex is my hobby!

Adventure Pussy x

Bang Bang Bang (Or lack of)

Here’s what I’ve decided.. If a guy can’t out fuck me, I mean like have so much sex with me that I am the one saying no ( and not in a “no means yes” way, a “no means no more for now!” way) then it will never work out. That is the verdict I have come to during recent events and I firmly believe that is how I will have to decide if I can waste any emotions on someone in the future. Mostly because I love sex and I highly doubt that will change, I have a crazy high sex drive and the more I get the more I want.

I realised this when Will broke up with me. I think it hurt his manhood that I always wanted sex and he had to say no. If he had have just put a little more effort in and given me what I wanted in the first place then I wouldn’t have needed to go three or four times in a row. Well actually that’s a lie haha I would have wanted to do that anyway. But I should have known that I would never be truly happy unless he was banging me senseless, all the time. See I don’t like to be told “no” and I did say this to Will “just don’t say no too many times.” I said it but my emotions got the better of me and I let him say no way too many times and just thought “it will get better” but it didn’t, and then I still was making excuses for him. I guess it’s because I’m fairly new at this actually letting boys close to me game. Its normally just a ‘tap and gap’ situation (fuck and leave) but the last two I have let into my heart and then realised it is not truly what I want. I hold on because I remember all the good things and block out the bad, but it comes back and kicks me in the face. I end up being the one who gets dumped when I could see it coming all along but I just couldn’t give up and quit on my feelings.

I should have known that first day I met back up with Will in Adelaide when after three rounds of fun and alright sex I still hadn’t come. I say alright only because I hadn’t come, so in my eyes it wasn’t over, but it was a different story for Will, he obviously came every time (I am a sex goddess haha) and he was going on about how he hadn’t come like that in ages. I was like hellllloooooo what about me? Stop talking and get to it! I already know I’m good but you’ve got something to prove here buddy!

Another sign would have been the whip and handcuffs I brought that never got used. I was very disappointed and to be honest this guy had been telling me how horny he was and how much he loved sex but he turned out to be a bit of a prude. Sex in the bedroom type of guy. No big risk of getting caught, not too much mixing it up. I was so excited to just fuck everywhere on the trip back to Perth but turned out to be average as hell. I did give him head when he was driving a few times and it excited me that the truck drivers going past us could see me doing it. Other than that I was let down for sure. That should have been the wake up call, but at least now I know for next time. Another lesson learnt from another life experience all I can do is say I did my best.

I do find it hard to understand how people can just give up and forget everything they feel. For me as I have said before I don’t really think of the what ifs, especially when it comes to boys, I just jump straight in and make the most of it and imagine all the good and enjoy the moments. I don’t imagine the end or if it’s not going to work out. In my eyes it just will, no matter what, because as long as I want it to happen I will give my all to ensure that it does. I wouldn’t give  up or quit on something I believed in so strongly. I know things change and they don’t always work out (as I have recently been reminded, again) and that sucks, but if you can’t be with someone and think this could last forever what the hell is the point. I believe some things do last forever. I’m definitely no relationship expert (as I am sure you have gathered) but my emotions count for more than what my head says.

Anyways I will stop boring you with my sadness of being dumped and get rooting!

Adventure Pussy xx

Let downs..

Alright, I’m back!

This morning I dressed up in sexy lingerie and was cooking breakfast for Will who was on his way over to my place. I did my hair and makeup and was ready for him to just walk in and push me up against the wall like he couldn’t resist me, as I told him I didn’t want him to touch me or have sex with me  (because we all know no means yes). After a little while of telling him he can’t have me he would force me to the couch and bend me over and fuck me from behind then finish it off on top of me on the floor. Yumm that sounds good..


I’ve been trying to figure out whether this time and effort I am putting into this guy is worth it. So I am quite a selfish person when it comes to getting what I want. How do I put this, pretty much I always get what I want. If I don’t, well, I just remove that thing/person/environment from my life so I go back to getting what I want. Being single for 5 years before this (excluding the engagement which was a joke of a 2 month relationship, if you can even call it that.) has made me unable to civilly deal with not getting my way. In other words I spit the dummy and have a tantrum or scream and walk out. Now don’t get me wrong, as my family knows, I have calmed down a lot in the last few years, so my tantrums and screaming matches are a lot less frequent and tame. But they still happen. Now they are happening because of Will, I really do like him and don’t want to just remove him from my life, but he is the cause of me not getting what I want. I know what this sounds like and the picture you are painting of me, but why should you not always get what you want in life? If you want it go get it end of story. You won’t stop wanting for it so why accept any less than getting it?

This is what actually happened when Will walked in this morning.. He said hi, kissed me said I looked NICE and grabbed the paper and sat down patiently awaiting his breakfast.

Ok, so my expectations had been a little too high, but really? Nice?


It’s Sunday the 19th January. I’m supposed to be meeting Will tomorrow. I haven’t heard from him since Friday night. I know he is ok because he has read my messages on Facebook. So now I’m pissed off. If he doesn’t call today I am not getting on the flight to go meet him. But why is he doing this, its fucking annoying.

I was going to go to the sex shop today to see what fun I could find but maybe I won’t now, or maybe I’ll just do it anyways and find someone else to have fun with tonight, and wear all my new lingerie for them too!

Adventure Pussy 

Why not?

This part of the story gets a bit boring I guess, I was out and about sightseeing in my beautiful country with a mate of mine and Will was still over in Australia, so no sexy time for me. He was probably banging bitches and suckering me into believing that he wasn’t. But fair enough if he was, not like we were dating it was just the fact that he said he wouldn’t. But there is no way of knowing so it’s not really a worry.

We were texting and calling, a lot of it was me just saying I wanted to bang, cause it had been a week or so by now (not cool). I was messaging a guy that I had banged a few times in Perth before I left for New Zealand as well, but like I said I get bored easily, and I was bored of him, but I was just setting up a safety net in case all of this didn’t work out then at least I wouldn’t be rootless when I got back! But if all else failed there was always Tinder.

Will was due to leave the Gold Coast for Perth on the 8th of January. I was on my way to meet a friend in Auckland for drinks and my phone rang. No surprises, it was Will. He told me he was booking his flight to Adelaide for his brother’s wedding and I should come with him. But I wasn’t so sure.

He had already asked me this only to turn around and change his mind, and I had agreed with him that it was a bad idea. I would have to meet his whole family (remember I’ve spent about 5 days with this guy) and he hasn’t seen his family for 3 years.

Of course I thought about it for about 5 seconds and then said yes. There I go again, just jumping into it, who gives a fuck I thought. I had just agreed to hang out with a sexy, fun guy and have awesome sex, go see some new places and meet some new people. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the idea haha. So I carried on to meet my mate and was telling him all about my new plan and how it would hopefully not end up in my tears, but so what if it did. Fuck it (literally, I would haha) It was then that this particular friend (who is choice as by the way 😛 ), I was having drinks with had the brilliant idea that I should write about all this, I brushed the idea off, my life wasn’t that interesting was it? Well, it was definitely more interesting with Will in the picture that was for sure.

That night when Will landed I got a message from him with a picture of my face as his screen saver. Ok so this guy is full on and now I just had to laugh, was he for real? Already? There was no ways I was doing the same and so I thought fuck it (my favourite two words) Ill write the blog and just see how it turns out (and how it goes down with Will when/if I tell him or he finds out).

How’s it going? I hope you enjoy it.

Adventure Pussy xx

Friday 3rd of January 2014

Numbers exchanged, adds on Facebook and promises that he won’t bang anyone else until he sees me (I want to believe this, but from what I’ve heard he’s a serial man-whore, so I doubt it.) We sneak off for a quick pash and then thats it, off I go. 

We call and message for the next couple of days and I could feel myself closing off my emotions and pulling away a little bit, which is easier to do when he’s not around. I stress out easily and when he doesn’t message back I just close off completely to protect myself, I hate the feeling of not being wanted, and more so I was just waiting for a message telling me he was banging someone else (If he would be so kind). 

One more phone call and I have the brilliant idea that Will should meet me in Sydney when I stop over there on the way back to Perth. I would change my flights and go earlier and we could “hang out” for the week there..So we lock it in and I was to look at flights the next day and let him know the plan. 

Will messages me that he has butterflies (sorry for when you read this xx) I can’t help but think he is drunk or high again, as cute as it is, and all I have to say is “Im nervous and I worry that you say this to a lot of girls”.  The message I get back convinces me even more that its a bad idea to give up anything for him. ” You are smart. But no.” 

What the hell does that even mean?? “Yes I say that to everyone but don’t worry this time its different” or maybe ” Fuck you’re onto me but you’ll only really find out when I dump your ass for some other chick” or maybe he just really meant what he said..

Anyways I play this over in my head for the night and by the morning I really feel like I could easily take it or leave it. Will or no Will, Fuck it, I dont give a fuck. So I message him and let him know I won’t change my flights to meet him because I need to protect myself from him hurting me, so we can just see each other in Perth if we are both still interested by then…

I get bored quite easily..

Im off to the pub to catch up with some mates and get hammer drunk 🙂

Peace out

Adventure Pussy xx


Lets take it back

I have missed out a little bit of this story kinda from the 1st of Jan till yesterday..Its not so juicy because I have been in New Zealand and Will is in Australia.

After the head job in the car we got shunned to an air mattress in the garage at my amazing mates place, so exhausted after 4 massive days of MDMAzingness there was no story to tell.

We decided we would go to do some sight seeing the next day with some other mates who were visiting New Zealand too. Blah blah that was all nice and fun and all. That night we made the most of the air mattress and forgot where we were for a little while.. More choking, hair pulling and no means yes sex.. I get turned on just by kissing this boy, its out of control..

But all the fun aside, Will decided that it wasn’t a good idea that I went to his brothers wedding with him..My heart sank, it was like being dumped all over again. I felt so stupid for believing his shit, everything he had said to me instantly meant nothing, all the nice things, all the same things my ex had said. I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid, AGAIN! But then, I could, and that’s the price I have to pay for my ways. 

But..and its a big but..He explained to me that he rushes in to everything and ruins it all and he didn’t want that to happen with me, at this stage I wasn’t listening and I was already running far and closing my fragile little heart. I might be a strong person but I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions are crazy! 

So we talked for a little bit about it and decided it was for the best that we just left all our plans the same and I would see him again in a month in Perth. That was the last night I saw him and he snuggled me like it really was goodbye, already. 

Adventure Pussy xx




Its kind of a secret..

So Will doesn’t know that I am writing this, I guess he will find out at some point but I will deal with that then..If you know me or him please keep it on the d-low for a little bit haha but you will hear all about it I’m sure! 

I also just showed my Mum this blog and all she had to say was “I didnt think I brought you up to be so loose” hahaha love it 

Follow meee! 

Adventure Pussy xx