Lets take it back

I have missed out a little bit of this story kinda from the 1st of Jan till yesterday..Its not so juicy because I have been in New Zealand and Will is in Australia.

After the head job in the car we got shunned to an air mattress in the garage at my amazing mates place, so exhausted after 4 massive days of MDMAzingness there was no story to tell.

We decided we would go to do some sight seeing the next day with some other mates who were visiting New Zealand too. Blah blah that was all nice and fun and all. That night we made the most of the air mattress and forgot where we were for a little while.. More choking, hair pulling and no means yes sex.. I get turned on just by kissing this boy, its out of control..

But all the fun aside, Will decided that it wasn’t a good idea that I went to his brothers wedding with him..My heart sank, it was like being dumped all over again. I felt so stupid for believing his shit, everything he had said to me instantly meant nothing, all the nice things, all the same things my ex had said. I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid, AGAIN! But then, I could, and that’s the price I have to pay for my ways. 

But..and its a big but..He explained to me that he rushes in to everything and ruins it all and he didn’t want that to happen with me, at this stage I wasn’t listening and I was already running far and closing my fragile little heart. I might be a strong person but I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions are crazy! 

So we talked for a little bit about it and decided it was for the best that we just left all our plans the same and I would see him again in a month in Perth. That was the last night I saw him and he snuggled me like it really was goodbye, already. 

Adventure Pussy xx





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