Will anyone even read this??

So today, on the 10th day of the New Year, I find myself sitting at my computer changing flights and booking a campervan to drive across the Nullarbor Plain at the bottom of Australia.

Now as simple as that sounds, my mind is racing and my chest is tight with nerves. I just got off the phone to a guy, lets call him Will, about driving with him across the Nullarbor after his brothers wedding which we are going to. Again,  all  sounds pretty legit, but I only met this guy at a festival 12 days ago and he has been in another country for the last 7 of those days. So I have technically known him for a week and I will be meeting all of his family and friends in his home town and spending a week travelling with just him.

Lets hope he doesn’t end up hating me..or maybe it will be the other way around..

I guess I need to explain a little bit about the situation. Get comfy because this could take a while. I am a 23 year old female. I love sex and boys and maybe girls too who knows. I laugh A LOT, pretty much at anything and about nothing.

I was supposed to be getting married on New Years eve 2013 but I got dumped. It was shit, but I’m over it/him, it would have been the biggest mistake of my life so far and I am so glad he thought I was that much of a bitch he should dump me. I really couldn’t thank him enough! (but I really couldn’t because he refuses to talk to me and blocked me on Facebook haha) I don’t like the idea of marriage and we were mostly doing it for a visa for him but I just jumped in the deep end and went full steam ahead, making the most of the situation. Its what I do. I just do it. Whatever it may be, its always a good idea at the time and if its my idea its always brilliant at the time haha.

So instead of getting married I still went on holiday to New Zealand and went to a music festival with a group of my friends. All I wanted to do was get high and hook up with sexy boys! (standard!) Needless to say I achieved both. This is where Will comes into the story.

Will is very sexy and also loves to bang (fuck, root whatever you want to call it) Tall, tanned, handsome and an absolute loose cannon. Doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks and makes his own fun. Its like looking in a mirror he just reminds me of me in so many ways (that’s probably why I was so attracted to him, too awesome haha)

Anyways, the story goes we were staying in the same camp because we were with our mutual friends. So we start drinking at 8am after a 4 hour drive to the festival, after a lot of very unnecessary flirting between us we were banging in the tent by 2pm and spent the next 4 days getting high, fucking (might I add, MDmazing fucking too, all dirty and choky and hair pully fucking), laughing and just being complete idiots. Out of our heads we swapped clothes for the night on New Years eve, him wearing a dress, my bra and some fishnets (not mine!)  and me wearing his singlet with a naked girl on it and both of us in gumboots/wellys.

I wanted to write this blog to talk about the way that we are together because its almost too good to be true, and maybe it is but I cant see that because I live in the now. What is the point in holding back with anything ‘just in case’ or ‘what if’. Who gives a fuck, just do it and see what happens, I would never give up a chance to be happy or have fun just because the consequences might be shit. To have just met someone and connect on so many levels is all new to me and makes me even happier that I didn’t marry my ex, because I never felt like this with him.

Over these few short days I fell hard as per usual. But so did Will. He decided that I should be his girlfriend and we should go to his brothers wedding a month from now and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I told him he should blow off our friends and stay in New Zealand with me instead of leaving for the Gold Coast and it was all go. Now of course the drink and drugs played a massive role in all of this but it was too much fun to fight it.

We packed up camp and made the drive home to a mates place after the 4 day festival. But of course I couldn’t keep my hands off him and I ended up giving him head in the back seat while we were driving. When I say ‘we’ were driving I mean my younger sister, and in the passenger seat another friend (who I had banged previous to this trip) We got away with it and it was pretty hot. Sorry Sis x

Im not sure how good I am at this blogging thing but I feel like I’ve just written a novel and that’s only up to the 1st of January haha..I plan on writing a diary style kind of blog about this and the things I’m going to get up to in the next few months, pass it on to anyone you think will be keen to read/follow it and tell me what you think

Adventure Pussy  xx


2 thoughts on “Will anyone even read this??

  1. Adventure pussy, your freedom aparent lack of fear is inspirational. I hope that by falling so deeply and quickly you are not setting your self up for pain because I know you’ve had enough recently. But then again to feel pain is to live… Can’t wait to hear what happens next. Id give anything for such passion and to escape across the nullarbor. Will you make it to Perth with so many opportunities for sex on the way?

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