Friday 3rd of January 2014

Numbers exchanged, adds on Facebook and promises that he won’t bang anyone else until he sees me (I want to believe this, but from what I’ve heard he’s a serial man-whore, so I doubt it.) We sneak off for a quick pash and then thats it, off I go. 

We call and message for the next couple of days and I could feel myself closing off my emotions and pulling away a little bit, which is easier to do when he’s not around. I stress out easily and when he doesn’t message back I just close off completely to protect myself, I hate the feeling of not being wanted, and more so I was just waiting for a message telling me he was banging someone else (If he would be so kind). 

One more phone call and I have the brilliant idea that Will should meet me in Sydney when I stop over there on the way back to Perth. I would change my flights and go earlier and we could “hang out” for the week there..So we lock it in and I was to look at flights the next day and let him know the plan. 

Will messages me that he has butterflies (sorry for when you read this xx) I can’t help but think he is drunk or high again, as cute as it is, and all I have to say is “Im nervous and I worry that you say this to a lot of girls”.  The message I get back convinces me even more that its a bad idea to give up anything for him. ” You are smart. But no.” 

What the hell does that even mean?? “Yes I say that to everyone but don’t worry this time its different” or maybe ” Fuck you’re onto me but you’ll only really find out when I dump your ass for some other chick” or maybe he just really meant what he said..

Anyways I play this over in my head for the night and by the morning I really feel like I could easily take it or leave it. Will or no Will, Fuck it, I dont give a fuck. So I message him and let him know I won’t change my flights to meet him because I need to protect myself from him hurting me, so we can just see each other in Perth if we are both still interested by then…

I get bored quite easily..

Im off to the pub to catch up with some mates and get hammer drunk 🙂

Peace out

Adventure Pussy xx



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