Why not?

This part of the story gets a bit boring I guess, I was out and about sightseeing in my beautiful country with a mate of mine and Will was still over in Australia, so no sexy time for me. He was probably banging bitches and suckering me into believing that he wasn’t. But fair enough if he was, not like we were dating it was just the fact that he said he wouldn’t. But there is no way of knowing so it’s not really a worry.

We were texting and calling, a lot of it was me just saying I wanted to bang, cause it had been a week or so by now (not cool). I was messaging a guy that I had banged a few times in Perth before I left for New Zealand as well, but like I said I get bored easily, and I was bored of him, but I was just setting up a safety net in case all of this didn’t work out then at least I wouldn’t be rootless when I got back! But if all else failed there was always Tinder.

Will was due to leave the Gold Coast for Perth on the 8th of January. I was on my way to meet a friend in Auckland for drinks and my phone rang. No surprises, it was Will. He told me he was booking his flight to Adelaide for his brother’s wedding and I should come with him. But I wasn’t so sure.

He had already asked me this only to turn around and change his mind, and I had agreed with him that it was a bad idea. I would have to meet his whole family (remember I’ve spent about 5 days with this guy) and he hasn’t seen his family for 3 years.

Of course I thought about it for about 5 seconds and then said yes. There I go again, just jumping into it, who gives a fuck I thought. I had just agreed to hang out with a sexy, fun guy and have awesome sex, go see some new places and meet some new people. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the idea haha. So I carried on to meet my mate and was telling him all about my new plan and how it would hopefully not end up in my tears, but so what if it did. Fuck it (literally, I would haha) It was then that this particular friend (who is choice as by the way 😛 ), I was having drinks with had the brilliant idea that I should write about all this, I brushed the idea off, my life wasn’t that interesting was it? Well, it was definitely more interesting with Will in the picture that was for sure.

That night when Will landed I got a message from him with a picture of my face as his screen saver. Ok so this guy is full on and now I just had to laugh, was he for real? Already? There was no ways I was doing the same and so I thought fuck it (my favourite two words) Ill write the blog and just see how it turns out (and how it goes down with Will when/if I tell him or he finds out).

How’s it going? I hope you enjoy it.

Adventure Pussy xx


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