I’ve got one word for you. Tinder.

I heard of Tinder a while ago but I was seeing my ex fiancée at the time so I didn’t get into. When he dumped me I was straight into that little app and to be honest, I was disappointed. I swiped to the right for a few guys but then kinda just figured the boys would come to me, I wasn’t in the chasing mood, I needed attention and sex not friends .

While my mates were all raving about tinder I was secretly jealous because I was getting no attention from the guys on there. No notifications that someone had swiped right. They did say “you have to go through heaps of people” but like I said I wanted attention not to chase anyone. So I just smiled and agreed with what they were saying and lost interest in it.

It took another dumping (Will this time) for me to get back on to Tinder again. So this time I went full steam ahead. Spent a little while flicking through the profiles. Picking and choosing the hot boys from the not boys. It was a lot of fun! I didn’t even have to put makeup on! Every boy that I decided was a hottie I swiped right and was instantly a match. I was surprised by this because I thought there is no way that Tinder could notify someone that quickly and they could respond literally within 1-2 seconds. I asked my Tinder loving friends how this could be. This is the moment I fell in love. With Tinder. The reason (for all of you who don’t know Tinder) the match was happening so quickly was because the hotties I had picked had already picked me as a hottie from their end! So now I was stoked! In less than an hour the 32 people I had decided were fit, had all been matches. There wasn’t one that didn’t come straight up with a match. It was just what I needed to boost my self confidence.

So now my new addiction is Tinder. With some of the matches I decide only to talk to them if they message me ( I’ve pretty much decided “what was I thinking”.) Some I message first, mostly with something smart arsed to get the ball rolling and the others message me and it all goes from there.

Since Saturday (today is Tuesday) I have organised a bang with a dirty 31 year old for tomorrow, turned a guy down who asked to meet up, told a guy I would “hang out” with him (but now I’ve changed my mind) and stopped having convos with some boring guys and some guys who you can just tell love themselves way to much to interest me. There are some others that I’m still chatting to as well, but I’ll save them for next week.

“Dirty30” (who I am looking forward to fucking tomorrow) is tattooed up with stretched ears and a good sense of humour. Our conversation rapidly turned from having a McDonalds delivery business, to him coming on my tits, do I have any fetishes? and how do I feel about choking, hair pulling and deep throat. He was quite excited when I said there definitely has to be choking and hair pulling, and he can put it as deep down my throat as he wants. As long as he has a big dick I don’t mind what he wants (because size DOES matter) I don’t know what he does or where he’s from, just what’s he’s going to do to me and where he lives. That’s exactly how I want it.

I don’t know many girls that think like me about sex, because I’m sure the majority of you think I’m just some dirty slut. For me it’s just sex and I enjoy it. It doesn’t bother me that this guy is going to have no respect for me and will definitely never want me as a girlfriend. It really doesn’t. I just want sex from him and that’s it. I don’t think it’s dirty, I don’t think it’s slutty, it’s just something I enjoy. It’s interesting to see what’s out there and learn new things from people. Its also a bit of a challenge for me because I have to be confident about my body and what I want.

Tinder is my new addiction and Sex is my hobby!

Adventure Pussy x


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