The story of Tinder1

Oh god. Wow. That was…..SHIT!

I didn’t get a root, and on the way home from Dirty30’s house I got a fine for running a red light. Which, by the way, I obviously didn’t do on purpose but I was in another world trying to process what had just happened (More like what did not happened!)

If you’re new to the story read my last post before you continue..

I go over to Dirty30’s house ( who by the way does not deserve this title) actually fuck it his new name is just going to be “Tinder1”.
I go over to Tinder1’s house for what we both know is just going to be a tap and gap (fuck and leave). I was nervous but I just figured fuck it, worst case scenario I’ll just up and leave. I’m sure my mum would not like to know about this because really the worst case scenario could actually be quite bad, meeting a total stranger off the internet who I have already said I want to have sex with and knowing nothing about him..what could possibly go wrong, right? The thoughts were brought to my attention by a work mate but I honestly wasn’t worried about what could happen. That may be stupid of me but

Back to the story. I was nervous and when Tinder1 opened the door he looked nothing like his pictures and nothing like the image I had in my head. I was so devo, his sex talk on Tinder was all wasted, not impressed at all. I have never had sex with a guy who I had never seen or spoken to before. One night stands are different even if you go back for more at least you know what they look like and have something to go from.

After my initial let down (which I don’t think I hid very well) I was trying to decide whether to leave or not. I figured id just stick it out and at least get a root. Only thing to worry about would be dick size. But wait, there’s more. As soon as this guy touched me I knew it would be shit. How can you be bad at this at 31? The touching was too rough and the head was very, very average. Dick size was ok, but barely hard so I sucked him off for a bit and then told him to put a condom on. All down hill from there. Literally. He couldn’t keep it up for the few seconds it took to put the condom on. So more head and three tries later I decided I was bailing out. I just wanted a root because I love sex. I thought this would be so much easier haha. I finished him off because that would be a bit mean to just walk out ( and also to prove that I am awesome and he shouldn’t think otherwise hahaha). Then I walked out.

The lesson I learnt was that I will definitely go on at least a date with someone first if they are off Tinder next time. Maybe.

Adventure Pussy x


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